Kanpeki Teppanyaki 的簡介
在日本文字裹,〝Kanpeki” 解釋為完美,本店的宗旨希望客人除了能夠享受熱騰騰與最美味的食物外,也能享受用餐氣氛。所以本店在講求食物質素之同時,對員工的服務態度、鐵板燒師傅的烹調技巧等都要求甚高。完善的設備和舒適的環境、加上頂級的食材及親切的服務必定可讓客人有賓至如歸之感。本店設有可容納二十人之舒適鐵板雅座外,還設有三間不同大小的貴賓客房可用於家庭聚曾、朋友聚餐和公司宴客。另設咖啡區可用於等侯座位和小吃。本店還特別設計抽風系统,令油煙味不易留在客人的衣服上。 要親身體驗完美的鐵板燒,請到 Kanpeki Teppanyaki。

In Japanese, "Kanpeki" interpreted as perfect, our goal is to ensure all the guests can enjoy fresh, hot and the most delicious food can also enjoy dining atmosphere. This will not only allow the guests taste the same as the original flavor and taste, but can also appreciate the chef cooking process also allows customers in vision, hearing and taste on a variety of different sensory enjoyment.
Our emphasis is not only on the quality of food, also on the service provided by our staff and the cooking techniques of our teppanyaki chefs. In addition to the large teppan which provides seats for 20 guests. We also have three different sizes of the VIP rooms can be used for family or friends gathering and business banquet. We also provide a comfortable lounge for guest awaiting the seats and snacks as well. Our ventilation system is specially designed so the fumes won’t stay in any customer’s clothing.
If you want to gain an unusual experience in teppanyaki dining, you should come to Kanpeki because here you will find the perfect teppanyaki

Kanpeki Teppanyaki. #140-8351 Alexanda Road, Richmond, B.C. V6X 3P3 | Our Hours : Mon - Sun 5:00pm - 11:pm

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